Kiwa Expert Centre Corporate Social Responsibility
Is Corporate Social Responsibility a new 'buzz' word or new 'business'? Governments shift their policies towards social responsible and sustainable procurement. Consumers and the media showing an increasing interest in your entrepreneurial activities ready to condemn any mistakes made. Corporate Social Responsibility is becomming serious 'business'. Kiwa can help you making it a 'business opportunity'.

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Expert Centre: Corporate Social Responsibility

How to measure CSR?

The Expert Centre Corporate Social Responsibility is your personal guide to the CSR expertise and services of Kiwa. At Kiwa we offer:

  • Testing and inspection of products
  • Audits on organisations and services
  • Certification of products, persons and organisations
  • Comparative surveys (benchmarks)
  • Development of certification schemes
  • Training & consultancy about compliance subjects and (risk)management

One recognisable address for all of your CSR issues. In this way Kiwa distinguishes itself as your 'Partner for Progress'.

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